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The trusted "new infrastructure" in the era of digital economy

Blockchain of Privacy Protection

SoterOne blockchain uses secure multi-party computation (MPC), differential privacy, machine learning and blockchain technology to create a blockchain platform that integrates privacy protection, data modeling and data sharing. With MPC, Query Customers (QCs) can use SoterOne platform to construct advanced and accurate modeling by selecting data sets from different data owners and MPC computing resources with strict privacy protection. In addition, data owners can perform joint computation via machine learning SDK and differential privacy, without worrying about the data privacy leaking. Thus, SoterOne bridges the data isolation among different parties to achieve the data value-added. In addition, the decentralized and untamperable characteristics of the SoterOne blockchain make the data modeling process (the hash value and the timestamp) transparent and auditable. In summary, SoterOne is a trusted "new infrastructure" in the era of digital economy, and the next generation of blockchain ecosystem.

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Technology Highlights

SoterOne Blockchain

SoterOne is an innovative blockchain ecosystem based on machine learning, secure multi-party computation, and privacy protection.

New Consensus Algorithm and Sophisticated Smart Contracts

SoterOne blockchain uses its new consensus algorithm to support the efficient block mining and secure multi-party computation, with privacy protection.

Machine Learning SDK
via Original R&D

Machine learning SDK transfers the complex machine learning model into model parameters selection, which makes model training and prediction simple and straightforward.


SoterOne Has An International Team

With Silicon Valley top-notch experts in the fields of blockchain, cryptography, privacy computing, AI, security and database, etc.

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U.S. Pending Patents

A New Machine Learning Based Privacy Preserving and Data Federation Blockchain Platform
U.S. Provisional Patent Number 63,063,434, Aug. 10, 2020.
Distributed Management Systems for Federation Learning Based Privacy Preserving Platform
U.S. Provisional Patent Number 63,137,756, Jan. 15, 2021.
A New Multi-Party Computation with Secret Sharing (MPC-SS) Scheme for Vertical Federated Logistic Regression Machine Learning
U.S. Provisional Patent Number 63,146,589, Feb.6, 2021.
A New Blockchain Based Privacy Preserving Federated Learning Framework
U.S. Provisional Patent Number 63,146,592, Feb.6, 2021.
Proof of Reputation (PoR): A New Blockchain Consensus Scheme to Support Secure Multi-Party Computation and Machine Learning
U.S. Provisional Patent Number 63,146,586, Feb.6, 2021.
A Novel Self-Serve, Customer Driven Data Standardization Scheme for Federated Learning Platform
U.S. Provisional Patent Number 63,149,324, Feb. 14, 2021.

A New Generation of Global Blockchain Information Ecosystem